Coast First Nations Affirm Opposition to Pipeline in Face of Misleading Globe and Mail Article

The article, written by Calgary-based reporter Carrie Tait for the investments section of the Globe and Mail, claimed that First Nations on the Coast of BC will “reconsider their opposition to the project” if Enbridge pursues a “fresh start” and creates new relationships with Coastal groups.  Coastal First Nations have recently sent out a press release to clarify the confusion the article caused – a confusion that gives their investors relief – and state clearly that their opposition has never relented.  In the release, Art Sterrit says: “we
unequivocally maintain our ban on oil tankers on the coast.

The release is available here, and below:


Good afternoon
For your immediate attention, please find the following news release from
Coastal First Nations.

From: Bessie Brown [mailto:bbrown@…]
Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2011 12:00 PM
Subject: Coastal First Nations press release

Vancouver (Nov. 23, 2011) – “The Coastal First Nations categorically oppose
Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Project,” says Art Sterritt.

Sterritt, the executive director of Coastal First Nations, added that “we
unequivocally maintain our ban on oil tankers on the coast.
It was Mr. Daniels, of Enbridge, who spoke of wanting a fresh start with the
Coastal First Nation.

Sterritt, on behalf of the board, told Daniels that a fresh start from the
Coastal First Nations perspective meant having Enbridge ask the Joint Review
Panel (JRP) to stand down. “The Joint Review Process is seen by the Coastal
First Nations not as objective, rather as a process that advances the Enbridge

Subsequently the Coastal First Nations has been informed that Enbridge is not
prepared to ask the JRP to stand down or reveal who the other proponents are, he

In August of 2009, Enbridge stated that the proposed project would not go ahead
if First Nations communities opposed it, said Sterritt. “None of our communities
support the project. Nor do any First Nations along the pipeline route.”
“Why would we support a proposal that would put our rivers, oceans and
lifesource at risk?” Sterritt said. “It’s time Pat Daniels and Enbridge take the
correct action and give us the fresh start they promised. It’s time to shut down
the Joint Review Process and the Northern Gateway project.”

For more information:
Art Sterritt, Executive Director
Coastal First Nations

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