Reports Back From the Old Masset Joint Review Panel Hearings

Coverage of the inspiring words of people presented at the Old Masset hearings in February:

Some 50 people occupy the seats at this end of the gymnasium – hereditary chiefs, elected leaders, witnesses, and elders, all of them observing the events.  The remainder of the space is row seating and bleachers, where 400+ islanders also listen attentively, as speakers share their stories with the panel – how they learned to fish, to harvest seaweed, to hunt.  How these activities are essential to who they are, to their survival.  Songs and stories are shared, detailing how Haida culture has continuously evolved along with the ocean for millennia.

Excerpt from a blog posting by Mike Ambach WWF-Canada
View the WWF Blog Posting: In Haida Gwaii, BC, culture evolves with the ocean

There were rough spots: the interruptive policing of what people could say, and could not say, throughout the community  (non-CHN) portions of the hearing; who was allowed to speak and who was not; and the clear perception of the Enbridge lawyer being a back seat driver.

From Blue Sky Haida Gwaii blog
View The way we live now


Among 10 of CoASt’s witnesses were a group of 6-year olds who “spoke for all 5 and 6-year-olds on Haida Gwaii”. The young leaders told the Panel, “the beach is our playground, and we want to protect it.”

CoASt’s last presenter, 14-year-old Jesse Condrotte, came with an important message about his rights. “According to the Declaration of Human Rights, us as human beings are allowed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Soon after, Mr. Condrotte was interrupted by Ms. Leggett who asserted that Jesse’s testimony was argument and did not fit within the Panel’s (conveniently fluid) definition of ‘Oral Evidence’.


From the Friends of Wild Salmon Blog, by Valine Crist

And lastly, “The Full Testimony Of Jesse After Being Cut Off At Enbridge Joint Review Panel Hearings” on CoASt’s YouTube channel:


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