Join us in letting Justin Trudeau know Haida Gwaii says yes to a tanker ban

TheSurfers for the waters Protect our Waters Surfers out to Protect our Waters waters and wilderness of the North West are in the forefront of 2016 as we ask for prompt action to formalize the tanker ban for our coast.

What great news we had on Friday November 13th 2015 when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for a moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic through our North Coast!

On the chilly morning of November 14th many Haida Gwaiians out and about at the mouth of the Hiellen River joined us at CoAST in affirming our desire to protect our waters. Thank you to all !

We have been signing post cards to thank our Prime Minister for the move – please get in touch with us to sign yours. The postcards are available at Green Gaia’s in Masset, Queen B’s and Isobel Creek in Charlotte.

As the CBC reports, it is still unclear how the moratorium will impact the Northern Gateway Pipeline, and more so, (LNG) tanker traffic. We invite you to stay tuned with us at Haida Gwaii CoASt, and are grateful for your continued support.

Haaw’a to all!

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