British Columbia Supreme Court Decides That The Province Cannot Abdicate Its Authority

[Originally published on mondaq, February 23, 2016]

supertankerRecently the British Columbia Supreme Court (“Court”) released its reasons for judgment in Coastal First Nations v. British Columbia (Environment), 2016 BCSC 34. The BC Environmental Assessment Office (the “EAO”) had entered into an equivalency agreement (the “Agreement”) with the National Energy Board (“NEB”). The Agreement allowed for the EAO to rely on an environmental assessment from the NEB related to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project (the “Project”). The   Court found that the Province of British Columbia had abdicated its statutory duties and breached its duty to consult with the Coastal First Nations when it signed and failed to terminate the Agreement that provided the NEB with sole jurisdiction over the environmental assessment decision-making regarding the Project. Continue reading


Join us in letting Justin Trudeau know Haida Gwaii says yes to a tanker ban

TheSurfers for the waters Protect our Waters Surfers out to Protect our Waters waters and wilderness of the North West are in the forefront of 2016 as we ask for prompt action to formalize the tanker ban for our coast.

What great news we had on Friday November 13th 2015 when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for a moratorium on crude oil tanker traffic through our North Coast!

On the chilly morning of November 14th many Haida Gwaiians out and about at the mouth of the Hiellen River joined us at CoAST in affirming our desire to protect our waters. Thank you to all !

We have been signing post cards to thank our Prime Minister for the move – please get in touch with us to sign yours. The postcards are available at Green Gaia’s in Masset, Queen B’s and Isobel Creek in Charlotte.

As the CBC reports, it is still unclear how the moratorium will impact the Northern Gateway Pipeline, and more so, (LNG) tanker traffic. We invite you to stay tuned with us at Haida Gwaii CoASt, and are grateful for your continued support.

Haaw’a to all!

BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD: Looking to have the federal decision on the Enbridge pipeline ruled ‘invalid’

First Nations on the coast including the Haida are taking Canada to court to have the JRP review of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline declared invalid.  Stay tuned for the hearing:

Federal Court of Appeal
October 1 – 2 and 5 – 8, 2015
Vancouver, BC
Open to the public.

From the Council of the Haida Nation:

The next milestone in the ongoing effort to defend northern BC from oil pipelines and supertankers is just around the corner. Please see attached PDF: CHN Legal Challenge Overview 2015.8.12

Continue reading

Ride the Tide 2015 Gets the No Tanker Message Out

On Friday July 3rd, Haida Gwaii came together on Masset inlet to show their support for a Tanker-Free ocean, and rode the tide from Gaauu (Old Massett) to Masset harbour.  Part of Pull Together’s “Week to End Enbridge,” the ‘Ride the Tide’ event shaped up in true Haida Gwaii style with Christian and Candace’s Haida Canoe alongside paddle boarders and kayakers from across the islands.  There was a crush of people, naaniis (grandmothers), youth and spectators all along the shore following the action and cheering on the paddlers.

A huge thank you/haw’aa to Christian White and Candace Weir for bringing the canoe out.  As well to Guy Kimola for documenting the event so well, and Jim Hart and his crew for coming out to show their support.  Haw’aa to Harmony and Old Massett Youth Centre for providing rides.  A big haw’aa/thank you to all who came out to paddle and take show that Haida Gwaii stands unified in protection of our waters!


RIDE THE TIDE – NO TANKERS **July 3 at 2:30 pm**

Ride the Tide Web.New

This Friday, July 3
at 2:30 pm

Come Ride The Tide with us leaving from the beach access at the end of Old Massett.  Ride in to the Harbour dock and help us get out the No Tankers message.

Van transportation back to your cars provided by the Old Massett Youth Program.

The event is part of the WEEK TO END ENBRIDGE.  We’re getting together to celebrate our waters, our community, and to reaffirm that we say NO TANKERS!

Bring your own non-motorized vessel, and a PFD. Everyone is welcome to participate, or come out with your NO TANKERS t-shirts and signs to show your support.

Download the poster here: Ride the Tide Poster


No Uncertain Terms: A CHN Letter to Enbridge

Old Massett JRP HearingsPlease read the latest letter from the CHN presenting the affirmation by Haida Hereditary Chiefs, Band Councils and citizens stating the continuing role of the Council of the Haida Nation in representing all Haidas, and their continuing opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project.

Read the letter here:  Enbridge Letter 2015-06-28-FB


haidanationflagPlease read this open letter from the Council to the Haida Nation regarding the efforts companies like Enbridge are making to buy people off from First Nations communities in order to push their pipeline through.