Nations United Against Enbridge T-shirt Campaign Launched at All Native Basketball Tournament

All Native TeamThe Haida delegation at this year’s All Native Basketball Tournament brought T-Shirts with them promoting unity amongst First Nations on the coast. Members of Haida Gwaii CoASt screen printed the Tees in Masset to get a strong message out that we don’t want the pollution of our waters brought on by supertankers.

Watch for more T-Shirt and sticker campaigns in the upcoming months.  Let’s get the word out that we don’t need tarsands bitumen travelling through our waters. We want healthy salmon, killerwhales and people!


Coastal First Nations Remembers Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Ad Campaign


Have you heard the radio call from the Exxon Valdez?  The audio of the tanker captain’s call for help over the radio is the opening soundtrack for a 2 minute awareness ad for the campaign against the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, and the expansion of tanker traffic on the coast of BC.  The ad gives us statistics on the potential impact of a spill like the Exxon Valdez in Canada, for example, costing 4,379 jobs, and $21.4 Billion dollars to clean up (biologists monitoring the ecosystems in Alaska point out that the Valdez spill was never fully cleaned up and that oil can still be found by digging a few feet into the sand of some beaches.  See Lingering Oil).  Set to the Sounds of Silence by Paul Simon, the video is a reminder to us of what is at stake in pursuing a resource-based industry in Canada.

Haida Nation Grills Enbridge at the NEB Hearings in Edmonton

An excerpt from the Haida Gwaii Observer:

“The Haida Nation grilled Enbridge executives and pipeline experts with questions about the price of oil, how much money the federal government stands to make and which First Nations are in favour of the pipeline during final hearings for the Northern Gateway project last week in Edmonton. Council of the Haida Nation president Guujaaw and lawyer Terri Lynn Williams Davidson spoke on behalf of the Haida Nation at the Sept. 20 session.

Guujaaw began his questions by asking about prices for crude oil, and how they would be affected by the proposed pipeline, which would carry tar sands oil to Kitimat for transport to markets in the Far East. Continue reading

Think Tankers: Riki Ott Speaks About the Exxon Valdez Spill in Haida Gwaii

Want to know more about what happened in Alaska when the Exxon Valdez Spilled a supertanker of oil?  How about what’s going on now?  Come and see Riki Ott speak in Masset and Charlotte about her own experiences with clean-up and as an “incidental activist.”  This event is supported by CoASt and the TBuck Suzuki Foundation.


Queen Charlotte

Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012 7:00 pm
Queen B’s Cafe, 3208 Wharf Street


Thursday, August 16, 2012 7:00 pm
The Haven, Harrison Ave (above Green Gaia)

Download the poster HG Think Tankers.

Haisla File Important Legal Document with JRP Outlining Nation’s Opposition


As reported on Northwest Coast Energy News, the Haisla Nation has filed a legal document outlining their opposition to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline.  The central issue for the Haisla Nation is their sovereignty over their territory and their right to be properly consulted.  It is a key question that both the Harper government and Enbridge have preferred to ignore in the hopes that constitutional issues will not beleaguer the pipeline’s progress.  In addition, Enbridge’s original filing of questions to the Haisla and other nations reveal their attempt to discredit opponents of the pipeline.

With the completion of the Joint Review Panel process, now estimated for December 2013, these important questions of territorial rights and sovereignty will come into greater focus as the campaign to stop the pipeline enters the courts.

For Northwest Coast Energy News’ coverage of the Haisla announcement in three related articles, please see:

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The Enbridge Empire Strikes Back II: The Haisla “fishing expedition”

Haisla outline where they believe Enbridge Gateway plans are inadequate

Haisla outline conditions, concerns for Northern Gateway project

Van Sun Article Clarifies Coastal First Nations Position

Derrick Penner of the Vancouver Sun has published an article clarifying how the whole “fresh start” quote first came up (see previous post for details).  Instead of being “consulted” as though it is simply a step in a marketing campaign, Art Sterrit is saying that Coastal First Nations are also bound to consult with Enbridge on the proposal:

“With the legal landscape in B.C. the way it is, consultation is a two-way street,” Sterritt said in an interview. Continue reading

Coast First Nations Affirm Opposition to Pipeline in Face of Misleading Globe and Mail Article

The article, written by Calgary-based reporter Carrie Tait for the investments section of the Globe and Mail, claimed that First Nations on the Coast of BC will “reconsider their opposition to the project” if Enbridge pursues a “fresh start” and creates new relationships with Coastal groups.  Coastal First Nations have recently sent out a press release to clarify the confusion the article caused – a confusion that gives their investors relief – and state clearly that their opposition has never relented.  In the release, Art Sterrit says: “we
unequivocally maintain our ban on oil tankers on the coast.

The release is available here, and below:

Continue reading