Coastal First Nations Remembers Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Ad Campaign


Have you heard the radio call from the Exxon Valdez?  The audio of the tanker captain’s call for help over the radio is the opening soundtrack for a 2 minute awareness ad for the campaign against the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, and the expansion of tanker traffic on the coast of BC.  The ad gives us statistics on the potential impact of a spill like the Exxon Valdez in Canada, for example, costing 4,379 jobs, and $21.4 Billion dollars to clean up (biologists monitoring the ecosystems in Alaska point out that the Valdez spill was never fully cleaned up and that oil can still be found by digging a few feet into the sand of some beaches.  See Lingering Oil).  Set to the Sounds of Silence by Paul Simon, the video is a reminder to us of what is at stake in pursuing a resource-based industry in Canada.

What is the Nature of the Relationship Between Sinopec and the Harper Government?

Listen to Terry Glavin talk about the 180 degree turn in conservative policy that has Canada’s government in lockstep with Chinese government interests after their initially cool non-relations with Beijing.  Why would this government steamroller their own citizens’ opposition to get bitumen to China when their original policy stated that they would never to ship bitumen offshore?

Listen to part three of the CBC interview: