Van Sun Article Clarifies Coastal First Nations Position

Derrick Penner of the Vancouver Sun has published an article clarifying how the whole “fresh start” quote first came up (see previous post for details).  Instead of being “consulted” as though it is simply a step in a marketing campaign, Art Sterrit is saying that Coastal First Nations are also bound to consult with Enbridge on the proposal:

“With the legal landscape in B.C. the way it is, consultation is a two-way street,” Sterritt said in an interview. Continue reading

Coast First Nations Affirm Opposition to Pipeline in Face of Misleading Globe and Mail Article

The article, written by Calgary-based reporter Carrie Tait for the investments section of the Globe and Mail, claimed that First Nations on the Coast of BC will “reconsider their opposition to the project” if Enbridge pursues a “fresh start” and creates new relationships with Coastal groups.  Coastal First Nations have recently sent out a press release to clarify the confusion the article caused – a confusion that gives their investors relief – and state clearly that their opposition has never relented.  In the release, Art Sterrit says: “we
unequivocally maintain our ban on oil tankers on the coast.

The release is available here, and below:

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