Haida Gwaii, Get Involved! Get Your Voice Heard!

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Joint Review Panel needs to hear your VOICE. If we want to get a Community Review Hearing in Haida Gwaii (or two as Kris Olsen requests), we need to make ORAL statements either as Participants or Intervenors. Written submissions are important, but will not lead to a hearing taking place here.

Read our CoASt pamphlet to find out about participating in the JRP.

For more details, please also consult two guides on participation in the panel’s process written by West Coast Environmental Law:

Two Page Brochure on Participating

The Bigger Picture (6 Pages)

2 thoughts on “Participate

  1. I’d love to do whatever I can.

    I’m a graduate student at UBC, and have excellent editing and proofreading skills, if you ever need an eye to such things.

    Other than that, see you at the rallies.

    Heo (Maidu, Northern California where I’m from), Khodah hafez (Farsi, Iran, my own ancestors),


  2. What and how can I be informed and involved from here in Montreal ?
    Please, contact me. NOTE: I have no home internet connection and
    only check email at the library, and not always every day. Thanks.

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